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Tune into Carnatikala?s anytime music lessons, crafted just for you to hit the right notes effortlessly, all from home?perfect for singers of any age.

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About Carnatikala

Embark on a Musical Quest with Carnatikala

Discover the confluence of tradition and innovation at Carnatikala Music School, where we offer a global platform dedicated to the profound learning and dissemination of Carnatic music. Under the esteemed guidance of our founder, Smt. Calcutta Kala—a distinguished prodigy from the legendary lineage of the Calcutta Sisters—we provide an educational experience steeped in musical excellence.

Our Pedagogical Lineage

Smt. Calcutta Kala's educational odyssey was sculpted by the exemplary teachings of luminaries such as Smt. Kamakshi Balasubramanian, Calcutta Shri KS Krishnamurthy, and Calcutta Shri LN Gurumurthy. Their profound wisdom and masterful instruction have imbued Carnatikala with a legacy of pedagogical prowess that continues to nurture and inspire our teaching methodologies.

Global Reach, Traditional Roots

At Carnatikala, we are proud to extend our reach to aspiring musicians across all corners of the world. Our mission is to propagate the time-honoured traditions of Carnatic music, ensuring that the richness of this art form resonates with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

A Sanctuary of Musical Prowess

The ethos of Carnatikala lies in the meticulous transmission of essential elements such as Shruti (pitch) and Thalam (rhythm), ensuring that our students build a formidable foundation in music. With a curriculum meticulously tailored to the unique vocal range and capabilities of each student, we cultivate an environment where individual talent is recognized, honed, and celebrated.

Invitation to a Harmonious Heritage

We invite you to Carnatikala Music School, where you will embark on a transformative journey through the realms of Carnatic music. Join us in an educational voyage that promises not only the mastery of musical skills but also a deep-rooted connection to a cultural lineage that has flourished for centuries.

Unite with us in our pursuit of musical enlightenment and become a part of Carnatikala's ever-growing symphony.







And Growing...


Parents and Students Speak. Words which inspires and delights us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age for children to join our vocal classes is 6 years.

To enrol, please record a brief singing sample and send it to us via WhatsApp at +91 98431 37767 or email at enquiry@carnatikala.com. This process helps us understand your level and to structure the course.

Our classes are offered in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali. We are continually expanding our language offerings, so please keep an eye on updates.

No prior singing knowledge is required to enrol. We value your passion for singing above all and offer courses for both beginners and experienced learners in Carnatic music.

Offline Monitoring is a feature that allows students to upload their practice files for feedback. This method supports students in refining their skills and enables parents to track their child's progress.

Class timings are flexible and arranged according to the student's schedule to accommodate their school, college, or work commitments.

We utilize various platforms for our online classes, including Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, BOTIM etc. A minimum internet speed of 40 Mbps is required.

Yes, we welcome contributions! Please send your background information and blog material to calcuttakala@gmail.com for review.

We plan to introduce courses in Hindustani vocal music and violin soon. Please leave your contact details in the enquiry section to receive updates.

If your question isn't listed, feel free to reach out by posting in the comments section or by emailing calcuttakala@gmail.com.

News Articles & Blogs

Want to write about your musical journey? You are welcome. Please write to us at Calcuttakala@gmail.com. And we will publish it.

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